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Zoned Out

So much commotion around me

Alot is happening.

Ambient noise behind people talking

Even the ambient noise in itself isn't silent

It isn't loud, but still loud enough.

Even if it was extremely loud,

It still wouldn't matter.

In this space and time, it doesn't matter.

Being in the zone with you, "nothing else matters" (AJD, APR 2022).

In this space and time, I am zoned out.

No commotion, though the ambient noise is solice.

It is like being in a box I am willingly trapped in.

While there, I imagine the words you say.

In most cases, I imagine us in the zone. In this zone, I'm never alone.

The words you write, I hear in my mind, and it makes me smile.

When I read your words, I am lost within my thoughts with your thoughts.

No one can bring me back. Only when there are no more words left to hear.

Then when I return.... I zone right back in on YOU!

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