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When I first met you I pictured you as this conceded boy who could love only himself ..

But as I got to know you, I knew you were different, you were someone else ..

You let so many different people in your life who didn't belong ..

And though you did the best you could to make them happy, they did you wrong ..

I've seen you go through so many things and know about the hurt you had to endure ..

At times I wanted to hold you but at that moment I wasn't the cure ..

I wasn't sure about my feelings then and I'm not 100% sure right now ..

I knew I wanted to make you happy though, I just didn't know how ..

After another heartache we finally became one ..

And even though we fused and argued, you were determined not to run ..

It's been months now and my feelings for you are strong

And if anyone takes the time to notice, they'd see how much love has grown ..

Everyday I'm falling deeper and I keep saying 'this ain't gone work'

'Cause the more I fall, the more I worry about getting hurt.

But hopefully I stop worrying and start to believe

That everything we've built and more in this relationship will succeed ..

So if I fall head over heels in love with you

And I be so whipped to believe everything you say even if I KNOW it isn't true

And you decide to do me wrong after all we've been through

Then so be it... I'd just be a fool

'Cause I already chose to fall

And like someone said once before.. it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all

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