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I Love You Because

I love you because of your lovely charm.

Especially of your captivating ways.

I love you because of your eyes

I can't even begin to explain how rich and deep they are. I've never seen more clarity than when I look into you

I love you because of your personality.

Charismatic, caring, energetic, and loving. Fun, sweet, yet so powerful.

Attitude for days, but it's that of which that I love the most. Talk to me crazy, let me know of all your emotions.

I love you because of your brilliance. An intelligent, beautiful black woman, with your own thoughts.

I love you because of your want for adventure. I'll take you or I'll join you. Rollercoasters or naked in a pool, anything is on the table for you.

I love you because of your touch. No one has ever kissed me like you have and it is almost certain that no one ever will. The radiance of your touch weakens me but also strengthens me.

It is you that I love. Not a little bit, but a lot a bit. Still dreaming of this love true.

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