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Ultimately, It you!

Even though we face our individual obstacles.

Its hard to completely turn the shoulder.

Even when I try to look the other way or simply ignore the sounds.

Its you.

It may be too late, and there is pain in that

Nothing can be said, or nothing can be done

We choose to live life in love

In within that love, Its you

Though it may seem like it, I am not in the distance

Though it may appear, I am closer than you think

Look within, and there you will see you

There you will feel you.

There is no debating it! That feeling we have is validated!

It only there because I did something to make you believe it

Believe in the love I have for you.

So, believe it to be true, written in ink—Its you.

Let it be etched into present, and the future.

Let it be heard, that it has always been you!

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