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I've witnessed the reflection of the light bouncing from your skin.

I replay the beauty of it, over and over again.

At that moment, I've realized that there exists nothing more pure.

Yet, there are no words to describe this incredible phenomenon for sure.

Everyone who can see can witness the beauty of her who has been sun-kissed at birth.

Though you are gorgeous, your physic does not fully define your worth.

Your silky and desirable brown skin complements your character so well.

"Thicker-than-a-snicker" yet sweeter than caramel.

God took his time when he buried the essence of "you" deep within your flesh.

When you were created, it's apparent he did his absolute best.

I often reflect on the times we spent. And those times will be missed.

You surely deserve to be adulated and complimented on your sun-kissed.

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