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Sexual Conversation

We stare into each other’s eyes A connection made, though it is no surprise We physically become one, separated by nothing Encountering lust while in the act of loving We entangle. I say my peace. I talk of only us, her and me And this lasting forever Us—together A moan with every one of my strokes She feels me deeper, and it increases her hope She worries about what she must do…but with me, all worries are clear Her juices flow onto me, as I wipe away her fear Another moan, but this time it is my soul that hear She feels good, as do I Nothing but comfort can every make her truly satisfied Comfort in love while making love The warmth of my hands to the touch The way I squeeze her body and pull her towards mine And my kisses as I always take my time I speak of nothing that she doesn’t know “I want this.” “Can you tell by the way I kiss?” “I am yours!” “Will you let me be the one who opens the door?” “I’m in Love with You.“ “I am certain you’re in love too!” Our conversations end with an explosion of emotions. She releases, then I release. “I love you.” “I know. And I love you.”

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