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Updated: May 31, 2022

None of this is realistic Its not sustainable This kind of Love is heavy Though there are no gravitational pull Its weight is bearing down The truth is that it is an unstoppable force Our decision can stop it But you nor I have the power to stop it Is it realistic to stop it? Is it? Do we have to? Do either of us TRULY want to? This is the love connection that everyone search their entire life for. So many settle, never finding it. We’ve found it but in the absolute most undesirable, unrealistic of circumstances. Where do we go from here? The smart thing to do is the realistic thing Or is it? Is the realistic thing the smart thing to do? Do we pursuit happiness? I chose happiness. Having something amazing is worth the risk And much much better than just having something Let’s live this un-realistic life for I too am a realist. April 20, 2022

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