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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The other day, I laid on your chest

I heard your heart beating with every one of your breaths

Every thump felt so good to me

Because I know that's where you store your love

Fortunately for me, your love rushes out and can't be tamed

Fortunately for you, my love does the same

While I lay there, I am at my most vulnerable

But with you, it is still comfortable

My body is usually always very tense

But when I am wrapped up in you, I'm the most relaxed

All my troubles are gone, my stressors, my pain

You're accepting, without judgement, and you don't shame

I hope that you feel that way around me

I joke a ton, cause your smile is what I love to see

Hearing you laugh is enough for me

Many times, I just think of our memories

Like when we're were scared while high up on the trees

Or me in the elevator ready to do the deed (though I was rejected--many times)

How did one kiss turn into all of this?

My theory... It wasn't the kiss...

It unlocked us to just be

You being you, and me being me

And that some showed us how to be happy

Us flirting and touching on each other

For us... we are simply great lovers

There were times we sat on the floor just to converse

Of what we think of what is happening in OUR universe

I've always been humbled by that

lost with each other, but in reality, we are trapped

truth is, we want to be trapped

sitting there facing each other and just zoning into each of our words

and snapping away never occurs

Memories fade....well, at least most do.

Actually, I can't really say that's true.

Some are clear and will remain so.

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