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Am I the reason you smile?

Am I the person you want to stay around for a while?

Am I the reason you laugh?

Am I the one thing that you must have?

Am I the reason you glow?

Am I the truth that you know?

Am I the one you think of all the time?

Am I the love that you yearn to find?

Am I your secret key?

What is it that you find so special in me?

Is it because nothing seems forced?

Does it have to do with removing the feeling of remorse?

Will you answer the question above?

I will.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Everything! Yes. Yes.

You are the one thing I think of.

It has something to do with you being you.

You are capable of pulling my true colors even when I am blue.

Even while away I only think of you

Which makes my stressful days better

The thought of you warm me up in this cold ass weather.

Youn help me see that whatever I'm going through is worth it

Cause thinking of you are so so perfect

Counting my days till I see you

Your Love King

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