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Neglected Vision

It was blurry, yet very clear

Sharp sounds and hard to hear

A future seen not yet altered

Committed to seeing it altered





The vision remains clear.

And I don't like it!

An alternative timeline traveled

An experience of thrill,




True Love.

The vision blurred again.

It never regained its clarity.

Lost in another parallel.

Hearts bounded,




Fuck that vision.

I love this.

All of a sudden,

Our vision is not only transpicuous,

But it is now!

Fuck that vision...


I see you slipping away...

It's heavy!

The toll that it has on our hearts is hefty

I know...

I can see the conflict in your face

I'm still trying to hold on

Part of me knows you don't want me to let go

The other part tells me you want to get it over with

Our hearts are hurt from holding on for so long

We love each other... that much is true

But it is because I love you, I want to let go,

But because I am IN LOVE WITH YOU, I won't

You're slipping more, and more...

Finally, ??? [something] happens,

What happens is clear, can't be confused

It happened!

The tug-o-war is over...

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