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Missing You... Response (How can't I?)

How can't I be, whatever you need me to be?

When at the end of it all, it is you who truly allows me to be me.

While the measure of me seems to compliment you so well.

The clock is still ticking, as far as I can tell.

I love that you wear no mask and remain authentically you.

I too have realized that this love is actually true.

Lately, you have been glowing with a brightness that radiates extremely far.

If I am your True North, then you must be the star.

I am still taken aback by the way that you glare.

But more so, of the time we share.

I know that our two timelines are still in parallel.

I must right this course and do it without fail.

Understand that I do not transform, nor do I wear a cape.

I am just a man, who is living in a dream while I am awake.

A man who appreciates a Lovely Queen, even for the smallest things she has done.

and genuinely loves her smile, laughs, and her big ole honey bun.

My response to your poem is something I've always wanted to say...

How can't I be the man when you got me feeling this way.

You're everything I've ever wanted and I've known it since the very first day...

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