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Let’s escape

Let’s travel into another reality Take my hand, and follow me. We can take a galactic trip into space Let’s enjoy the stars, planets, and moons as our first escape Then we can return back to Earth. Don’t forget to take my hand Let’s escape to the Caribbean Dress down to your swimsuit and let’s head to the white sand I’ll look at you and remind you—“You’re Beautiful” We’ll sip on wine coolers, and sulk in the sun After a while we will do something fun Take my hand and let’s ride a jet ski, I’ll hold you tight while you drive Or get on a zip line, even though I’m mildly afraid of heights I’ll hold on for dear life and sneak a feel After we’re don’t, we will find a snack. So let’s head back. Back in the room, we can take a nap I’ll wake you up and say, “Let’s escape” The thought of that is so so great You’ll undress, I’ll dim the brightness, and then light the candles Your bath water is set, warm enough for you to handle When you’re done, take my hand and I’ll escort you out Rode petals at your feet and all throughout I’ll massage, starting with your head It’ll feel so good that you will fall asleep while you lay on the bed Let me canvas your entire body with moisturizing lotion While you sip your half-filled wine glass of relaxing potion As you sip, I’ll take my time and we can talk to stimulate your mind I won’t get intimate, trust me in that, Even though I’m touching you all over, top to bottom and front to back We then get dressed, its time for dinner. Your desert, me, would come after, and not a moment before These moments exists only to get you warmed Take my hand and come with me. Down the elevator and to the car The entire drive to our final destination, we would talk Or we can listen to music. Something fitting for this beautiful night In the restaurant, sitting at our table, we’ll first order wine Pasta for the lady. Fried Chicken for me. After dinner, we’ll order cheesecake. It’ll be great. Take my hand, for the night is almost over. It is time to return You’re are now awake. Not on the beach, no roses, no warm bath, no fancy restaurant,--but instead there is something better. Reality! But in this reality, there is me. In reality, you can actually take my hand. We can actually travel. We can actually go to the beach. We can actually Love. Now, take my hand and let’s escape…

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