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Just Right!

A universal language spoken

Smiles, anxiousness, love, pain

Beating to the drums of life

Too fast, just right, too slow

Music to the soul

Expressions of love dances to a fade

The question at hand is can it really fade?

Maybe, yes, no!

The feelings hide deep within the heart

But it is that feeling that is the very reason the heart continues to beat--Just right


Expressions now dancing boldly

Jitters experienced more than ever.

Speak to me. Make me smile.

Bring them back to me.


They have not faded, they cannot.

Love still lives within me, now at the surface.

I don't have to dwell deep to give you my love.

On this day, I give you my love. All that I have.

Take it. Love it and let the sounds of the drum beat loudly.

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