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I still do not understand how you have managed to affect me so much

I fancy your presence, your talks, and your womanly touch

I crave you deeply, more than that of lust

as I still try to piece together how I'm constantly missing you this much

you are ALWAYS running through my mind

This, I'm not afraid to admit

you're an incredible find,

beautiful, brilliant, with a whole lot of wit

A woman so perfect could be described as divine

with the sweetness of incredible Port wine

Only if we could experience unexpired time

then we could truly let our love shine

You have manifested your magic in me

Our connection is deeper and more intertwined than the roots of an African Tree

I dream of all that we could be and I hear your heart singing to me.

A look into your eyes emits a sensation that I should not speak of

I know it! This is the feeling of incredible Black Love.

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