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I Miss You

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I miss you so much more than you can ever imagine. Days like this, I just think how am I supposed to live the rest of my entire life without having complete access to you. I know that I must, which is why I will, but I still cannot help but think of you. This is a journey that I don't feel prepared for. Nonetheless, I have no choice. I do not know how long it will be until I can get over this, but for the time being, I am both loving it and hating it at the same time.

I love the way I feel about you. I love the way that I truly believe that I am not alone on this journey. I love feeling like you also think of little ole me when I think about you.

But I hate that I can't just call you and speak to YOU. I hate that we are experiencing the same journey separately. I hate that little ole me is consumed by you even when I haven't spoken to you in days.

I literally feel crazy about you. I hate that I do. I know that I am not crazy, but I would do so many things for you. Legal things of course. I might be crazy actually, but I'm not dumb.

What about you do I miss so much? Well, simply you. Every time I see you, I literally fall in love again. And then again, and again. I have a feeling that its the same for you. I honestly believe that there is no stopping it. It just feels way too good. I miss the way that you look at me. I miss the way that you fall asleep. I miss how you be looking when you are upset with me. Actually, the truth is, when you are upset at me and you have your little attitude; I be crushing on you hard. I for real just want to say forget your attitude and come here. I miss your lips. They are full and soft. I miss your skin. I love kissing you. Both on your lips and all over the rest of your body. I miss your warmth, perfect for me cause I always be cold. Especially my feet and hands. I miss the simple authentic moments that we share that become memories; great memories. Those are invaluable. "Do you remember when..." I have more of those with you than anyone else. I miss our intimate times. Even when they are intense. I miss talking to you. Just sitting there and learning you more. And that turns me on. Even as I write this, I am getting more and more excited to hear your mind again. I miss how your voice alone over powers my movements. Especially when you whisper sexual things into my ear. At that point, I lose myself in the words that you utter. I both love and hate that feeling of helplessness.

I love and miss returning the same favor and putting you into my trance. Whispering my thoughts of you. Adulating you. Putting you on a pedestal, and keeping you up there. I love and miss creeping up behind you, wrapping my arms around you and pulling you close to me. I love and miss your reaction. Your eyes close as if you really love that feeling of being embraced. Your head snaps back and you release a non-sexual moan.

Soon enough, it will be. We will both submit again to each other and let love continue to manifest. As always, it will take hold of our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. Together, our little ember grow into a full fledge fire. I miss the heat it emits.

As I can continue on why I miss and love you; at this moment, I am simply missing you.

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