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Heart on Paper

I scribble my emotions onto this page

My heart on paper

Each heartbeat is the stroke of a pen

Excitement fills the page

Clarity defines the lines

Writing comes as easy as a heartbeat.

Thump Thump. Thump Thump.

That's the sound of words filling the page.

Scribble... Scribble... Scribble...

That's the sound of releasing the pressure within the heart.

Spilling my heart on this page isn't the same as spilling it into you.

But for now, this would have to do.

Instead of the blood flowing through the left and right ventricle and then out the aorta

it flows through my fingertips, to the pen, and out as ink onto the paper

My heart scribbles these words...

I've never felt a love like this. One that could heal me. A love that makes me jolt in excitement. Or a love that makes me only think of you. This feeling is raw. There is no way to describe it. When we are apart, I love the way I feel when I think of you. But I hate that we are apart. When we are together, I love being in front of you, but, I get very anxious because I know we will be apart again. Your presence is soothing. I can relax. I can beat to your cadence. Beating to your cadence is better than that of my own. On my own, I produce about 1 watt of electricity, but with you, I become nuclear. Yet, even with the rush of energy within me, I am no match to the light you emit through your smile, your eyes, and your glow.

I know how to love you, yet, I don't know how. The way you receive my love tells me I am capable and you love the way I love. But it is I who love the way you love.

My heart scribbles and thumps your love onto this paper. However, in reality, my heart scribbles its love onto you...

And it thumps for you.

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