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Full Heart

What I want from you is simple but hard to achieve

All I want is your unfiltered love

I try to be reasonable and understand MY situation

I emphasize my because it is me that caused this whole….. shit

I want you to be happy

But more so happy with me. Because I am happy when you're happy

I am lost when you’re not

My heart is true to the feelings I have for you

But my honor wants nothing but the best for you

I'm in an internal battle whether that includes me or not.

So when you ask, “what do I want from you?”

The answer is YOU

I want YOU. But wanting isn't enough cause if it was, I would have you

I mean I do have you but at some point you’ll have to be happy without me.

That doesn't scare me at all, except that I don't know whether I'll be happy without you

My heart is so full and it feels good

But knowing you will be someone else’s, drains it…and that does not feel good

I steadily think of how do I change your mind

But I also don't want to because it's unfair to you

I’ve tasted real love and so have you

But…. I can’t be with you least not yet

I choose to leave my “life” for a SHOT at “LIFE” with you and a full heart

The difference is LIFE is full of happiness

You ARE the one….there is no denying that…

I really hope that it works in my favor only if it has no malice for me to finally be YOURS

Cause you are already mine….in my heart. It’s only a matter of your acceptance

You are at a point of no return

But if life’s cards allow it…I hope it does

We will be become one…just us vs the world

It almost feels as if it has always been us vs the world

But it feel so right to call you Queen and I be your right hand…your King…your champion

At the end of it all … I am still your right hand, your champion ….YOUR King

And in will always…. Forever want to serve you and be your queen


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