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Feeling You

Let me share a little bit of my feelings Recently, I’ve been hurting and in need of your healing There are days, I feel that are really long The power you hold over me is extremely strong Because we’ve developed an unbreakable bond I don’t think we can ever truly be apart You once said that I will always hold a special place in your heart I’m not sure that I want that special place…because I want your whole heart I’ve also been feeling scared. I think I can keep you on edge, and keep things exciting and spicy But my thoughts are, what if you stop loving me? I also think that you may feel the same way A constant battle within our minds each and everyday That’s why I feel that words of AFFIRMATION are important And they should remain constant. I’ve been feeling that I want more and more of you Though, I know that even if I had you, I would still want more… I don’t want to wear you out, but it’s true, I do! I guess all I’m really saying is that I’m really, really, really feeling you. April 18, 2022

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