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Brown Skin

Updated: May 31, 2022

Her skin is brown. Not caramel, but brown It’s the deepest of brown. A perfect brown. She smells like Almond Butter, and it’s so lovely Her lips compliments her skin tone, all so perfectly Her canvas shaped articulately She is perfect…and she knows it. I love her and I love the brown skins that she wears Her clothes hugs her body tightly. Her body complements her style so well. Her style compliments her rich brown skin. Her skin is mostly smooth, There are areas that are not perfect. But it is her imperfect skin and her imperfections that makes her so perfect. Discoloration, flaky, dry… I love it all…I LOVE IT ALL. It is the makeup of her And I love every inch of her beautiful brown skin. April 14, 2022

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