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Appreciation to Love Queen

My Sweet Queen 💗,

This trip was amazing. Not because I got to see and experience things for the first time, but because I got to see and spend time with the only person in this ENTIRE WORLD I wanted to see the most. It is truly a blessing for you to be in my life. I would cross states, countries, continents, and oceans for you (I've done 3 so far... continent pending 😁)

Thank you for always being so loving, caring, and sweet. Thank you for making time for me. The woman that you are stand on your words and I appreciate it. I know you were tired, but yet you still delivered. For that, you have my most humbled gratitude.

No amount of distance can keep two people who loves each other apart!

Know that I Love you and will always love you. I know this to be true because how real and different it feels from any other "love" I've ever experienced. Yes, you, I love you to the moon and back.

Now, on to the next adventure.

My heart belongs to you,

Love King 👑

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