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Answers to your questions

Are you the reason for my smile?... do you really need confirmation?

Alright, I'll bite...

I'll give you your words of affirmation...

Though someone said it ranked wayyy low on his love language list...

I'll tell you what the reason behind my glow is...

It has something to do with this AMAZING man I've known for YEARS! ..

This man is Beautiful...I'm talking dark brown skin with THEE softest lips...

What makes him most attractive is his drive and his ambition..

The way he speaks about his goals in life, his plans, and his vision..

This man commands the room without having to utter a word...

When he walks in, it's clear to see a True King, My King has emerged ..

And his embrace is just as sweet as his charm..

The way this man holds me, gripping me tight into his strong, toned arms..

Are you the reason for my smile? … Yes! Amongst other things...

You're the reason for my laughs, the reason why I sing...

You're the reason my days seem brighter.. and my nights not as dull

YOU my love... are the primary reason for it ALL ..

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