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- It was like a dream that I didn't want to wake from. I remember it like it was yesterday. You filled my glass with wine. We sat on the couch and talked for hours. You had my undivided attention, and I had yours. You sipped your wine, I gulped mine. Neither one of us knew that we were connecting with each other. What happened next was magical. I kissed you. You wanted it, yet you wanted me to stop only because we knew it wasn't right. But it felt right, only because deep deep down inside, it was right. Right timing, right moods, right feelings. That kiss started a reaction where we both let whatever was to come, happen. What happened next wasn't just us giving in to our desires. It was beyond our physical bodies. I wanted it so much, my soul connected with yours. I believe that this was my very first time experiencing intimacy. I know it was because I have never felt that before. That feeling was only confirmed later, when I experienced it again.

- I knew I was in love with you before you first told me. I was still learning you as a person and I was afraid to tell you. I was afraid that my feelings manifesting in the way that it did, how fast and strong it had me, would cause you to think I'm one of those crazy guys. Then, you uttered the words to me, "I think I love you!" Those words took me by surprised. I did not know that I was affecting you that much. I thought we were flinging and I was the one falling in love. My response, "I don't think I love you, I am in love with you!" To me there is a difference. The first is experienced alone. "I love you." The latter, we both have succumbed to the depths of true love. Afterwards, we kissed and made love together.

- Drunken beyond our minds. We walked right next door to the restaurant next to our room at the Sonesta Inn. The plan was to drink and head to Dave and Busters across the street. It was the first time we hung out together as adults. It was the first of many more nights where everything was perfect. I was freely on a date with the most beautiful women I've seen. And we had fun. We talked for about 2-3 hours. Honestly, I don't remember what we talked about. I do remember we laughed and drank. When all was said and done, we stood up for our trot back to the room. That's right, Dave and Busters cancelled. Neither you nor I was in shape to play any games. In the room, you ate the rest of the pizza that you had then we both fell asleep. At some point during the night, we both woke up to make love. That night, you said some words that till this day runs through my head. I hear it today as if you are presently telling me. "Marry Me!" I know how life works and it is not in my favor. I guess she was sort of right. Nonetheless, we made love again. That trip was passionate. I experienced emotions that I thought left me, but the foundation of them all is love.

- That one time when I looked deep into your eyes and you opened them wider to let me. Almost daily, I imagine the beauty of them. I've look at peoples eyes before, but never have I looked into someone's eyes. I felt that you were pulling me the longer I looked.

- You recently surprised me to a two day trip. The emotions that came through me was so much to hide. I was so happy that I was shaking. Then, I seen you at the gym. Everything in me wanted to ask you to come back home with me, but I did tell you to be great. I cooked for you and you ate. Then...we made love. During your trip pulled me deeper, and frankly, I felt you fell deeper too. Calling me babe, sweetie, my love--my favorites. I'm for real trying to play it cool every time afterwards but I can't hold it sometimes. I don't want to.

- Here we are. February 14. Valentine day. Hearing your voice at various different times throughout the day has made my day. I love it. I love you. I wish so bad that I can legitimately ask you to be my valentine. Get you some flowers, take you out to eat, and pleasure you sexually. I already told you how excited I am for this upcoming trip. I fear of this excitement, but I give in. These days, there are very few things I am excited about, so I am giving in to happiness., even if it is for now.

I love you most. More than you know.

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