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Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Where would you like to go? If you ask me, I’m not sure I’d know. I’d probably name a random place just because. Just because, because…why not? Somewhere cold, somewhere warm, or somewhere hot. Let’s enjoy the weather in different places around the world Places you never dreamed of going. Learn random things I don’t mind knowing Let it be our own expedition to find random things. Find places tow etch our very names After we go somewhere. Let’s go somewhere different. Or we can go to your favorite place, over-and-over, and over Eat the same food that we love, over-and-over, and over We can get really drunk or remain sober Wake up early or just stay in bed There is one place I know for sure that you’d like to go Or a Iist like the one below. So, let’s plan to go to all of them…let this be a living list Jamaica Turkey Poland South Africa Morocco Vietnam Mexico Spain Australia Ice Land Greece Singapore Hong Kong Brazil Virgin Islands Portugal

Japan France Italy Germany Thailand Egypt South Korea Miami

Las Vegas

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