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A Black Woman's Affirmation!!!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Black Woman,

Remember, you are special in every aspect of your being.

Not only that you are special,

You are delightful, beautiful, and gorgeous.

You are smart, intelligent, and brilliant.

You are soft, generous, and thoughtful.

You are strong, powerful, and influential.

Beautiful and Powerful Black Woman,

you are an enthusiastic motivator, who overflows with greatness.

Your position in life shall never be diminished to anything less than a Queen.

Always flaunt your crown atop of your thick, coursed, and curly hair.

Take note of your worth.

You are precious, valuable, and indispensable.

This world would be lost without you, but this world also does not deserve all that you are.

You are light in the darkness and the heal to its pain.

You are a breath of fresh air and the calm to chaos.

You are all that you are and to perfectly define you is to define Love!

You--brilliant and indispensable Queen--are loved and cherished so greatly that words alone cannot describe it.

Let this affirmation serve as a reminder.

A reminder of the beauty in YOUR existence.

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